Gingerbread cookies for a personality test

Gingerbread cookies for a personality test

‘Tis the season for fruitcake, candy canes, eggnog and one other tasty treat. Any guesses? Hint: it has two arms, two legs and one head. If you guessed a gingerbread cookie, you’re right! But this year, the taste is not the only reason to munch on these mouth watering cookies.

Dunkin Donuts recently did a study indicating that the first bite of a gingerbread man cookie a person takes says something about your personality, according to Dr. Alan Hirsch, a Neurological Director of Chicago’s Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation.

People like Meckka Harate’12 who are head biters are very head-strong, achievement-oriented and natural born leaders.

“I’m determined in a lot of things I do. I try to perfect them.”

Just like Harate, Emina Dizdar’12 bites the head off first.

“I like to partake in activities and put things together and organize them,” Dizdar said.

However, if you are a person who goes for the right arm first like Kellie Murphy ’11, you are known as skeptical and pessimistic.

“Sometimes, it depends on the situation,” Murphy said.

If you bite off the left arm, it means you are creative.

Lastly, if you are like Kathleen Bowman ’12 or Andrew Sharkey ’11 and take a leg first, then you are sensitive.

Even though the results did not match West High students’ personalities perfectly, everyone certainly enjoyed their cookie.