Carrie Remake review



Lucy Blair

Carrie White’s mother exemplifies the most extremist of religious culture. Her parenting style goes so far in its crusade against obscenity that Carrie is robbed of any knowledge of the changes regarding her own body. This ignorance her own burgeoning womanhood results in being the most traumatizing scenes in the entire movie.The mother quotes made up passages from the bible. And by those false biblical passages Carrie is punished for experiencing normal behaviors of a child and is condemned to a enclosed closet under the stairs to pray for forgiveness. Carrie soon discovers in the movie that she can move things with her mind, telekinesis. At first she uses it hesitantly, but she can’t even control her power near the end.

This movie, is an amazing remake of the first one, perfectly interpreting the old movie into a modern day version. Not having it cheesy remakes that are currently being remade in Hollywood such as Sherlock. The effects is not at the point it makes you laugh and gaff at its attempt to be scary. Carrie was not as horrifying as it was disturbing. You see the mother, or Julianne Moore, cut into her thigh with a sewing knife. Carrie,   or Chloe Moretz,  ignorance and doleful eyes that even embarrassed the viewer as she is being shamed and humiliated in high school. Throughout the movie we know that she is technically a villain, but I rooted for her and only really wanted her to be happy for those brief moments.

In Carrie, a story of a girl under so much pressure she snaps, this does not make her evil, it does not make all the victims evil. Not everyone deserved what happened, but it’s a common story. The reason this movie was recreated at the moment is because of the recent school shootings in America. The students go crazy and harm their peers. It means that bullying is on the rise and they believe they have no other choice to do what they thought was necessary to get back at their bullies.

I would recommend this movie, one of the best remakes I have seen in awhile. While it would be a good idea not to got with your family on this one. If you’re looking for new halloween movie and borderline disturbing movie, Carrie is your top choice for this month.