Show choir prepares for upcoming season

Show choir prepares for upcoming season

Lauren Knudson

By Ryo Ohashi and Ricky Rodriguez

WSS Interns

With rehearsals consisting of about three hours of singing and dancing since the late summer, show choir is working harder than ever. Their first show, “Works in Progress”, was on Nov. 6th and their first competition will take place on Jan. 18th in Waukee, Iowa.

“[Show choir] is a really fun way to express myself,” said Yuhka Niki ’17. Despite the “long and tiring” practices, the performers seem to enjoy the rehearsal while staying focused.

“When the group buckles down to work, we work with vigor and persistence,” said Rob Nelsen ’14, a member of Good Time Company (GTC).

Both teams have had very successful seasons in the past. Showtime placed first in the “Touch of Class” awards and GTC second on the varsity division last season.

“I consider competitions to be the best part of show choir,” Nelsen said.


The “Works In Progress” show, which took place November 6th, was very casual compared to typical performances. Members were not required to wear uniforms and performed with the City High show choirs. The show served as a “taste” of things to come. It also helped the performers see where they were at and helped get the audience zealous for future shows.

Although their works in progress show was a success, they still have a few problems.

“A big problem throughout the past few years has been focus,” Nelsen said. “[It] causes the group to move at a slower pace”.

However, the West High show choirs are continuing to make progress, perfecting and polishing their numbers.