Review: You+Me “rose ave.”


Sharon Xiang, Co-Editor-in-Chief

I’m the type of person who would have a “Top 40 music lover and proud!” I’ve never been a fan of indie music, however that has slowly started changing. I heard that Alecia Moore a.k.a. P!nk had released an indie folk album with a relative unknown Canadian singer and songwriter, Dallas Green. I decided to embrace my wannabe hipster vibes and checked it out. The duo’s name is You+Me, and the album is called “rose ave.” (Yes, all lowercase letters.) I absolutely loved it. It encompasses multiple types of folk music and gives a feel similar to the Civil Wars.


The first song on the album is Capsized. The song gives off an ominous feel, that weirdly attracted me. It’s about two lovers that are like two ships that have….capsized. Moore shows off her strong vocals and harmonizes perfectly with Green. The music, especially the guitar solos really added a strong background to the haunting song.


From a Closet in Norway (Oslo Blues) wasn’t my most favorite track in the album, but it had great lyrics and a nostalgic feel. Moore takes the lead with this song, and beautifully sings about the inability to truly enjoy life after a broken heart. When I heard this song, I definitely pictured a person hiding out in a closet and reminiscing on the good old days.


Gently’s lyrics conjured up very strong visuals for me. The song has a carefree tone and is the song you would play when you take artsy black and white pictures with a loved one on a beach in Maine. Green has a very unique voice that is well showcased in this song.


Love Gone Wrong is about finally giving up on love that was never meant to be. Green and Moore switch off on the verses, and it seems as though they’re having an argument and accepting the fact that they never would have worked out. I would highly recommend this to those who have finally said “screw you” to an ex. Personally, I didn’t like it until the final verse where Green and Moore come together, and it gave me the visual of two lovers yelling over each other until they finally left in opposite directions, slamming the door.


You and Me didn’t really appeal to me. I didn’t think that it really showcased Green’s and Moore’s strong voices that well. The song is about lovers who can be together even “across the highs, the lows and the in-betweens.” The lyrics were good, but the background music wasn’t great. However, it’s the perfect song to play when laying in a hammock with that someone special.


Unbeliever is a very uplifting song about hanging on and not letting fear take over. This track felt very dainty to me, and I loved it. I listened to it while powering through PSAT practice problems. Second Guess gives the opposite message of Unbeliever. It asks why we always second guess everything we do in life. In both songs, Green and Moore go back and forth with the lyrics and create two beautiful songs that nicely capture issues that affect human beings daily.


Break the Cycle is my favorite of the album. The song asks for a person to let himself/herself to be loved and “break the cycle” of pain. It has a beautiful message and emphasizes that “ love is louder than all your pain.” This would be the perfect song to go with the trailer of a romance movie with a tortured love interest. Moore’s vocalizing throughout the song captivated me and gave the song a second layer.


Open Door pays a sweet homage to parents. The song is sung towards mothers and fathers, and thanking them for always having an open door for their children. Green and Moore sing the whole song together, and I could feel the love and respect they have for their parents. I listen to this song when I’m mad at my parents in order to remember all that they do for me.


No Ordinary Love’s title is self-explanatory. Green takes the lead and sings about how unique a couple’s love is. This song is definitely directed to all the couples out there, with lyrics such as “when you came my way you brightened every day with your sweet smile.” However, it almost feels like one of the lovers is trying to salvage a relationship by reminding the other of the strength their love once was. It ends poignantly with Green and Moore singing a capella.


I thoroughly enjoyed this album and I’ve already started checking out other indie folk (which makes me 5% hipster.) I found it interesting that Moore decided to go in this direction, because we all know her as the cursing pop-rock queen. I’m excited to see what You+Me has to offer in the future