Bullying takes center stage


Brittani Langland

When one thinks of show choir, Glee-style songs and synchronized dancing quickly come to mind.  However this year, West High is trying to change all of that. Encouraging their peers to support one another, the varsity show choir, Good Time Company, incorporates a powerful message into their performance. The growing issue of bullying has taken center stage at this year’s show.  Soloist Annika Johannsen ’15 says that the show has been long in the works.16263497391_262a164c08_o

“Our choreographer, Kevin Chase, said he has been wanting to do this show for years,” Johannsen said. “Apparently, this was the year.”

The show is centered around a boy, played by Noah Tiegs ’16.

“I play a boy who has been bullied for some time; hopelessly abused by his peers.  Throughout the show my character goes from a person who is afraid to go to school everyday, to a person with this pent up anger, to someone who slightly distrusts the kindness he’s shown,and finally part of the company with all the friends in the world” Tiegs said.

The show has received praise from judges, as well as other show choirs around the Midwest.

 “We have go16077948420_271e66bf5c_otten emails from other schools telling us that our show has made them shed a lot of tears,” said Zane  Larson ’15, a member of GTC.

 Good Time Company has competed in only two competitions so far, receiving fifth place at both.

 “We aren’t focused on scores this year. Our main goal is getting our message across,”  Johannsen said.

 You can check out both of the show choirs at their last show of the season, the Spring Swing Show on March 1.

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