Club connection: Ceramics Club

Ceramics Club is new this year and focuses on making pottery, having fun and most importantly, eating cookies.


West High is packed full of clubs of every type, leaving some unknown to many. Take a look into a new addition to the clubs at West.

Gracie Tovar ’17, and Allie Hambright ’18 are the co-founders of Ceramics Club, which meets every Monday directly after school in the art room.

“I was sad when the class was over and I wanted more time to make things,” Hambright said. “I joked about making it a club but then Gracie took me seriously and said ‘This can be a thing, let’s do it.’”

Tovar agrees with Hambright and is trying to make the club welcoming for all.

“We welcome everyone,” Tovar said. “We talk and hangout, it’s a fun time to not have stress. We have a very positive and fun environment. Plus we listen to music and I make cookies.”

Camryn Benge ’18, is enjoying being a part of Ceramics Club.

“The best part is the wheel because it’s fun to use,” Benge said. “I never took the class so there isn’t a grade.”

Tovar believes that this club it fit to anyone because of the freedom of having no grade.

“It’s fun to make things out of clay and know that it doesn’t matter how they turn out,” Tovar said. “You can do it again.”

Olivia Benda ’19, believes that the club is something that more people should be able to experience.

“It’s a great place to be able to create things and not worry. Most people don’t like Mondays so it is something that you can look forward to,” Benda said. “Everyone should join. It’s a fun place to go and your mom will be happy with everything you make.”

Ceramics Club 2015 Sarah