The caucus

February 1, 2016

Come here for all the information you need on tonight’s caucus. We will be updating with photos, video and results all night.


  1. How to caucus
  2. A look back
  3. The results
  4. Tweets

Iowa caucuses set the stage for the presidential race

Mr. Gross explains how to caucus and the history of the Iowa caucus.


Not sure where to go tonight?

Find your precinct here

Democratic caucus locations

Republican caucus locations

Come back later today for photos, videos and results from the caucuses as well as general political coverage.


A look back

A look back at the parade of presidential candidates and other politicians from the last year.



Republicans and Conservatives 

Republicans and Conservatives


Democrats and Liberals 

Democrats and Liberals

Drawn by Braedyn Dochterman

The results

With 100% of precincts reporting, Clinton won at 49.9% and Sanders came in second at 49.6%

O’Malley has decided to drop out of the race.


With 99% of Republican caucus precincts reporting, Ted Cruz wins with 28%

Donald Trump finished at 24% and Marco Rubio at 23%

Huckabee announces he is dropping out.


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