Why you should register for Intro. to Newspaper for next year

Intro. to Newspaper counts as 1 of your required 4 years of English. Tell stories, take photos, make movies, use Snapchat for class, livestream events, and then apply to join WSS the following year.

Registration time is here, and the West Side Story is looking for hardworking and creative people to join the print, website and broadcast teams. If you’re interested in writing articles, telling stories, taking photos, making videos, creating podcasts, being a sports commentator for live broadcasts, being on-air talent for broadcast shows, using social media for class, being part of student-led publications and having creative freedom–journalism is for you. First, you need to take Intro. to Newspaper. You’ll receive English credit, and learn everything you need to know to join WSS the following year. Questions? Stop by room 109 or send Ms. Whittaker an email at [email protected]