4 hilarious April Fools Day jokes to trick your friends

If you’re still stumped on how to trick your buds, check out this fun ideas.


Allie Biscupski, Online Managing Editor

April Fools Day is upon us. If you still need a quick prank to play on your friends, look no further than West Side Story’s list of fun April Fools pranks.

  1. Tape a dollar bill to the end of a fishing line and lay it down on the sidewalk and so hide behind a bush, out of view. Wait for your victim to spot the bill and go to grab it. As soon as they get close, reel the dollar bill in, out of their reach. Watch as they chase the dollar bill while you keep reeling it in!
  2. Freeze some Mentos mints into ice cubes. Offer your friends some ice-cold Diet Coke and wait for the surprise.
  3. April 1 is the day many colleges come out with their acceptance decisions. Know a buddy anxiously waiting to hear from their top school? Fake an acceptance letter and stick it in their mailbox. Hopefully they aren’t too crushed when they realize it’s fake!
  4. This one will take a little planning. Know a friend that loves social media? Make a fake account and try to get them to fall in love with you through social media! Hey, they may never forgive you for catfishing them, but you’ll have a hilarious April Fools Day story to tell your friends that are still speaking to you!

This is satire and not meant to be perceived as factual.