Athletic secretary Marcy Wardenburg spends last day at West High


Gabby Skopec, Sports Editor

Marcy Wardenburg has been a familiar face in the athletic department at West for 22 years, doing a large variety of jobs for the department from keeping rosters maintained to making sure volunteers are lined up for home sporting events. Friday, September 9 was Wardenburg’s last day as athletic secretary as she is headed to work at Liberty high as the principal’s secretary for principal Scott Kibby, former West High athletic director. Wardenburg is excited for the new opportunities ahead

“[I’m looking forward to] something new and different. I like working with Mr.Kibby a lot, he’s fun to work for, he’s got great ideas and I think it’s going to be exciting to open a new school up. Just something, different, I think it’s time for a change for me.” Wardenburg said.

Despite the excitement, Wardenburg admits that she will miss working at West,

“I’m going to miss all of the friendships I’ve made here over the years, all of the teachers, the parents…”

— Marcy Wardenburg

I’m going to miss all of the friendships I’ve made here over the years, all of the teachers, the parents; I talk to a lot of the parents on the phone and I never really meet them but it’s like they’re a friend of mine because I talk so much to them. I enjoy talking to them as a freshman parent and then they get to be a senior parent and they’ve all got everything under control then. I’ll miss the people, the West High community.” Wardenburg said.

When Wardenburg started in this position 22 years ago, she was the first to hold the position of only being the athletic secretary at West, and since a lot of learning and change has occurred,

“[When I started] I really didn’t have anything to start with … I just did what Mr.Reiland (West’s former Athletic Director) told me to do those first few years because he knew what he wanted and we just made the office the way it turned out. Technology changed the job a lot, too, with digital scoreboards and different programs we have now, which is fun, I enjoy learning all that.” Wardenburg said.

As for her favorite part of West High,

“I’ve really enjoyed watching the kids from freshman to senior year; just watching them grow up and mature and how good they got. I really enjoy all my coaches, they’re like family to me. I watch the kids get married, graduate from high school, then become parents. It’s really, I really enjoy all of it.” Wardenburg said.

Despite the sad part of leaving West High, excitement and new opportunity lie ahead, when asked if she was ready to become a ‘Bolt’, Liberty High’s mascot, Wardenburg laughingly replied, “I guess so,” and then added, “I have a lot of green and gold at my house.”

Photo by Leah Dusterhoft