Memory Monday: gutters and gloominess

Chirag Jain ‘18 shares his favorite autumnal memory in this week’s Memory Monday.

Grace Yarrow, Copy Editor






When one thinks of fall, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Halloween, colorful leaves, cooler weather? For some, this may be the case, but for one student at West, bowling is an automatic thought when it comes to fall.

“I tried to throw the balls but then they kept not hitting the pins. Sadly, it was a gutter … then I threw it again and it went in the gutter again,” Chirag Jain ‘18 reflects on going bowling with his friends on a chilly fall evening, vividly remembering his streak of losses.Chirag Jain '18

“I ended with 13 gutters in one game. That’s more than 50 percent of the balls that I threw: all gutters. I walked out of there, and I saw the beautiful fall colors,” Jain said, remembering his noticing the leaves on the trees were beginning to transition from a vivid green to red, yellow, and brown, enveloping his negative mood with warm colors.

“[Fall] is like a transition,” Jain said, “That [was] my best fall memory because it reminds me of how bad [fall] can be, but also how good it can turn into.”