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Friend crush: walkie talkie boys

United since junior high, these friends met through a church group and have remained together since

November 4, 2016


Robert Walling ’18 recreating the Lion King scene in Pittsburgh with youth leader Kevin Graf


Robert Walling ’18 

One time we were all at Cedar Point amusement park (Sandusky, Ohio), and after killing our guts on roller coasters we decided to take a break and go to the arcade. Devin had a fascination with a game where you tried to drop a ball into holes on increasing value, and for about 15 minute we just tried to get the jackpot off of that. Eventually he finally got it, and we had hundreds of tickets on, and what did we spend it on? Eight kazoos, what else would we have bought? So we distributed the kazoos to everyone on our van, and on the way home, we all started to play “The Star Spangled Banner” followed by “Back in Black” and a ton of other songs that we played in marching band. Our van driver was done with our shenanigans after about two minutes, so he said that anyone that threw their kazoo out the window would get a dollar (Don’t litter).Eventually we lost all of them, and got home the next day, and I don’t think that it was any secret that our driver was glad we were gone.


Andrew Wildes ’18

Wildes had the honor of compiling a plethora of the groups best pictures from all their years of friendship.


Devin Nolte ’18

Nolte being the hard working individual he is, decided to create a list of what he thinks the groups top 5 favorite video games are.


1. overwatch-logo

Overwatch is a game where one team pushes a payload to an objective, or captures a point. There are a huge variety in characters that you can play, and this results in an extremely fun first person shooter.


2. 1280px-minecraft_logo-svg

One of the most popular games in our society. This open world simulator allows players to build almost anything that they can imagine. Online servers can also lead to great fun, with game modes like capture the flag, or guess the drawing

3. smite-logo-hzcom1

This popular MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) takes a different approach to the standard bird’s-eye view as seen in similar games like League of Legends and Dota 2. Smite favors a third person perspective to keep things fresh.

4. hearthstone_logo

This ever growing mobile card game is all the rage for bored kids during lunch. With individuals that go to our school spending over $500 on packs of digital cards to improve their deck, it is a game you can easily get addicted to.

5. cs_go_logo-7

This extremely fun and competitive first person shooter is a realistic objective based game, that requires great skill and teamwork. You are placed on teams of five in the most popular game mode, competitive, where you have to get to a site, plant a bomb, and then defend it, all while the opposing team tries to stop you.



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