Fashion Friday: Maddie Molina

Maddie Molina ’19 showcases her eclectic fashion sense.


Pareen Mhatre

Maddie Molina ’19 sits on a bench in downtown Iowa City, showing her outfit (jacket from American Eagle, shirt from American Apparel, jeans from American Eagle, paired with Adidas Superstars)

West Side Story: How would you describe your style?

Maddie Molina: It’s not really a set style. I wear a lot of different kind of things, like I’ll get in the mood to wear 70’s stuff or I’ll wear 80’s, like velvet and that kind of stuff. It’s just whatever I’m feeling, really.

WSS: Where do you get most of your clothes?

MM: Most of my clothes, I buy online from Urban Outfitters or Brandy Melville. I don’t really like shopping in-store.

WSS: What does your style say about you?

MM: It’s kind of like an extension of my personality.

WSS: What is your go-to outfit?

MM: My go-to outfit is definitely black jeans and a band t-shirt and my Adidas Superstars.

WSS: Where do you get your inspiration from?

MM: Kind of all over, like from Instagram pages and people I see downtown and stuff like that.

WSS: Do you have a favorite piece of clothing?

MM: I have my top three. I really like this jacket, because I wrote all over it. I really like my fish nets, I wear them with, like, everything, and my thigh high boots; I really like those too.

WSS: How has your style evolved?

MM: Last year, and all the other years in the past, I didn’t really wear what I wanted, I just kind of wore what was popular with other people. This year, I just decided that

the only person who is affected by what I am wearing is myself, so I should wear what I want and be comfortable and happy in what I’m wearing.

WSS: What is one fashion trend you don’t like?

MM: I think everyone should just wear whatever they want and if you’re comfortable in whatever it is, then you should wear it.

WSS: Are you interested in the fashion industry?

MM: I like making my own clothes and changing things so they fit me better, but I don’t know I would ever become a fashion designer or anything like that, just because my style is really unique to me and I don’t know if other people would want it.