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Rachael Saunders ’18 competes against Cedar Rapids Jefferson.

Rachael Saunders ’18

West Side Story: Why did you start playing basketball?

RS: Because one of my dad’s good college friends was coaching a team and he wanted me to try out and so I played with him for a few years. And my family’s athletic so they made me try sports.

WSS: How long have you been playing for?

RS: I’ve been playing since sixth grade. I started playing in fifth or sixth grade.

WSS: Do you play on an AAU team?

RS: Yeah, I play for the Iowa Barnstormers with Logan.

WSS: What are you looking forward to this season?

RS: I’m really looking forward to our rivalry games against City. Also, we have somewhat of a different schedule this year with quite a few hard teams right in a row so I’m really looking forward to seeing if we can accept that challenge and run with it.

WSS: What do you like about basketball?

RS: I like the competitiveness of basketball and the team aspect, where you’re really working together with others to reach this ultimate goal.

WSS: Describe your personal goals in basketball.

RS: My personal goals probably consist of really increasing my field goal percentage and free throw percentage, along with stepping into somewhat of a leader aspect role and hopefully getting to state, obviously.

WSS: Who are your major influences/mentors in basketball?

RS: My major influences are my parents, of course. They really help me and shoot with me and rebound for me. Outside of that, a major influence of mine is my grandpa because he supports me and comes and watches me a lot and always encourages me.

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