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Collin Wicks ’18: “They showed how greatly effected kids were from the election.”

Wicks participated in a one-on-one interview and the panel discussion.

January 23, 2017

West Side Story: What is something you think the segment portrayed correctly?

CW: They explained every kid’s emotions correctly. They showed how greatly affected kids were from the election.

WSS: What is one, or more, things they portrayed incorrectly?

Collin Wicks ’18

CW: I wouldn’t say incorrectly. More, I would say they didn’t explain well enough; they didn’t show that much, recording wise, of the group discussion. I think they should’ve shown more and explained our views more.

WSS: How did you feel before the segment came out?

CW: Kinda nervous because it was the first time I did something like this. 

WSS: Did you feel better afterward, when the segment came out?

CW: I’d say so. Again, I wish they could’ve shown more, but I’d say they did it pretty well.

WSS: Did you receive and feedback afterward from family, friends or on the internet?

CW: Not yet. 

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