Photo provided by Paul Amrani.

Paul Amrani ’18

Former West High Student Paul Amrani is currently training at the Houston Ballet Company and continuing his high school career online.

WSS: What is your graduation year?

Paul Amrani: 2018

WSS:What school do you attend?

PA: Houston Ballet Academy

WSS:Is it online or in person?

PA: The dance training is in person, but I complete my academics online through Brigham Young University’s high school program.

WSS: Why did you originally look into going to this school?

PA: Both of my former ballet teachers were also in this school and company and I had heard many good things about it.

WSS: What is one thing you miss about West?

PA: I miss having a relationship with teachers to help me better my academics.

WSS:What is one thing you don’t miss about West?

PA: I don’t miss the crowds of people in the hallways.

WSS: Why did you end up choosing to go to this school?

PA: I ended up choosing to go here when I realized this is what I wanted to do as a career and going here would help me achieve that

WSS: How is it different from west?

PA: There are a lot less people, and I don’t do my school classes in person

WSS: How is it similar to West?

PA: There is a lot of diversity and lots of people who love being themselves.

WSS: What is one positive impact it has had on your life?

PA: I have improved a lot in ballet and living on my own has helped me prepare for the real world.

WSS: What is one negative impact it has had on your life?

PA: It definitely takes up a lot of time as we are training 9-5 everyday, so it’s hard to balance that with school and a social life

WSS:What is the thing you miss most?

PA: My family and friends and my dog.

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