Dear Westina

Hello Readers! My name is Westina and I am the West Side Story advice writer. It is my loving duty to answer your individual questions about high school. From getting that cutie in chem to ask you out to trying to maintain reasonable sleep schedules, have no fear. Westina is here. You can email me individual questions at [email protected] or drop a question in the envelope on the WSS bulletin board. Happy Reading, Westina


Westina, Reporter

Dear Westina,

I have two friends, a guy (let’s call him nacho), and a girl (let’s call her strawberry). Nacho and Strawberry don’t really know each other that well. They’ve talked maybe like once. Still nacho insists that he is interested in strawberry. This understandably makes strawberry uncomfortable and she does not reciprocate the feelings. I want to tell nacho that she doesn’t like him back but I also don’t want to hurt his feelings, because he’s a friend.

Plz help, Anonymous


Dear Anonymous,

The best way to handle this is to be honest with Nacho. If his actions are making Strawberry uncomfortable you need to tell him. There is no reason to continue making Strawberry feel awkward due to Nacho’s actions. Maybe try to plan another group activity to get them talking, but don’t force any interaction or try and throw them together. Nacho’s feelings may be very real, but Strawberry’s level of stress removes any possibility of those feelings going anywhere. It is best that he understands this and tries to move on. Plus, Nachos and Strawberries aren’t the best food combination anyway.

Feeling hungry, Westina