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Friend crush: Jillian Baker ’19 and Janelle Beemon ’19

February 16, 2017

WSS: When did you guys first become friends?

Jillian Baker : We first met in the fourth grade. We had orchestra together, but she hated me because I was annoying.


WSS: How did you guys become friends?


Jillian Baker: We became friends in the seventh grade, thanks to a mutual friend of ours. We then developed and blossomed and became better people. I find it very cool to see one of your close friends growing up with you.


Janelle Beemon: I first met Jillian in the seventh grade, but we did not become friends until later that year [even though] we had mutual friends. We also had gym together, so that is how our friendship kind of got started.

WSS: What do you like/dislike about each other?


Jillian Baker: She is very pretty and super nice. We can always joke around with each other but at the same time we can be serious. Whenever we would fight, we always make up very quickly.  For dislikes, she is kind of rude sometimes.


Janelle Beemon: What I like about Jillian is that she is funny and smart. She is also not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. What I dislike is when I’m typing and essay and she is sitting next to me and starts cracking her knuckles and humming Disney songs.


WSS:  what do you guys value when it comes to friendship?


Jillian Baker: I value someone whom I can talk to and trust. I like people whom I can have a good laugh with, but I dislike negative people. Jillian is definitely not negative, so that is one of the reasons why we are friends.


Janelle Beemon: What I value when it comes to friendship is communication, having someone to talk to, and also having a sense of humor.


WSS:  Who is the funnier one?


Janelle Beemon: Jillian is definitely the funnier one.

WSS: What is one of the hardest things you guys had to overcome together?


Jillian Baker: We just kind of grew up together, so there isn’t anything we had to overcome together. However, everything we have been through has made our friendship stronger.


Janelle Beemon: We got into an argument over car parts, which is very strange. We did not talk for a week, and it was awkward because we also had to work together.


WSS: How likely are you guys to do something crazy together?


Jillian Baker: I am crazier than her because every time I say we should do this, she is like “okay.” Then it gets to the point where I am about to do something, and that’s when she says, “No, no, no, no.” I think I’m quoting her directly when I’m saying that. Yet, we are crazier together than apart.

WSS: Who influences the other to do something (dare-devilish)?


Janelle Beemon: Jillian is a wild child.

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