Review: Idle Intuition

Max Bouratoglou with his third album brings a collection of well-thoughtout songs to the table.

This isn’t your “Mid-Teen Crisis.” Max Bouratoglou brings to the table a wonderful collection of music with his third album, “Idle Intuition.” A collection of pop songs, it is reminiscent of bands like Mumford & Sons, while rock and roll makes us think about love. Throughout Bouratoglou’s songs, there is that feeling of unrequited love and that chasing after someone you love, making it great music to relax with.

Courtesy of MOXIE

Bouratoglou has been working with talented musicians for a while now, such as Ken Stringfellow and Lorenza Ponce. From the Posies fame and a Bon Jovi collaborator, respectively. What he’s learned from working with professional musicians at a young age I believe you can hear in the music yourself. As Ken Stringfellow said, “Max’s songwriting was strong from day one … Continuing this way he should continue to build a great body of work.”


Though it’s only downfall is that it can feel repetitive sometimes, with songs echoing the same message and tune, but overall the album is just a bundle of feel-good songs that are easy to get lost in. With only nine songs on this album, like the last song, it makes you want to reminisce and just start it over again.