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City High’s Shayna Jaskolka ‘18 gives the final speech at the Pentacrest on Saturday, March 24.

Shayna Jaskolka ‘18

March 24, 2018

“There’s kind of a lot of reasons why I’m here today. The Parkland shooting really struck me because by that point I think we already had 15 school shootings in 2018. It would’ve been two and a half months [since the last one]. That’s not okay. I know my school could be next. Parkland was also voted one of the safest places to live in Florida and Iowa City is also a very safe place to live. It just shows you that it can happen anywhere. There [are] too many problems with our government as well. I’ve become extremely politically active within the past couple years and so this was just something really important to me. I know it’s difficult, especially even doing a walkout, because standing up and getting out is really nerve wracking. Honestly it’s one of those things that you just have to get up and do it. In my speech, I said ‘I’m afraid of public speaking,’ I truly am, but I knew I would regret if I didn’t participate and if I didn’t stand up and do anything about it because something needs to be done.” -Shayna Jaskolka ‘18, CHS

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