In my opinion . . .

Do you have an opinion about something? The parking lot speed bumps, that one AP class you’re in or even a topping on pizza? You’re not alone. Read some students’ submissions on random topics and see where you fall.


(Lydia Guo)

Luke Reynolds, Copy Editor, Anchor, Reporter

avocados & senioritis are overrated

AP classes aren’t taught that well and don’t give ample support to those who can’t afford to ‘self-study’

pineapple on pizza gets a bad rep – try it before you knock it XOXO

Actually, pineapple on pizza is disgusting.

teachers should go use the back & FRONT courtyard to teach sometimes !

AP Calculus BC is killing my soul

The library study rooms are a literal safe haven if you want peace and quiet for an hour.

People need to learn to be more open minded.

Society needs to be more accepting.

Gun control laws need to be more strict

Being a girl seems way more fun

West should have a winter formal. City has one, Liberty has one, why are we missing out?

The idea that some people are major snakes is bogus as heck because literally every single person is a snake, just saying.

I think teachers aren’t appreciated enough – we should take teacher appreciation week seriously like we did in elementary school! #bringbacktheflowers

West drivers speed through the speed bumps like there’s no tomorrow and people need to TAKE IT SLOW. There have literally been casualties here because of them!

Prom needs to be scheduled to a different date… how can you party just days before AP testing?

More people should be involved in the sports student sections! More incentives to get people out there – like the burrito deal!
teachers need to address what they would do in the case of a gun shooting at West. How are students reassured when they don’t even know if their teachers know what to do?

Students should be drilled for shootings with the same urgency as fire/tornado drills.

the gun discussion needs to happen in EVERY class. There needs to be a forum where students/teachers can become proactive.