Fashion Friday: Prisca Namutchibwe ’20

Thrifting has become increasingly popular in recent years and Prisca Namutchibwe ’20 offers her own twist on the trend.

A mix of professional and urban casual, Prisca Namutchibwe ’20 enjoys the confidence she obtains from dressing like she’s ready for business. Her Congolese background has played a large part in her style.

“As being Congolese, one of the most important things after food and celebrations is the way you dress. They take their dressing very seriously, and you have to dress [well] all the time,” Namutchibwe said. “Like, if there’s a wedding…everybody in the community comes. You’re expected to come dressed to respect that … I used to dress a certain way … but then when I saw that I was dressing more American …[I was] like ‘You know what? I’m fine. I’ll just dress however I want to,’ and then…then more people started giving me compliments, and I was like ‘Oh I can do this.'”