10 essentials you need to survive this school year

One WSS staffer recommends 10 items that every student needs to get through the school year.

First trimester is quickly coming to an end and it seems like teachers aren’t hesitating to assign an onslaught of finals, projects and essays. It seems like there’s no time for you to just relax or even breathe. Here are 10 products that can help with stress or are simply essentials you need to survive the rest of this school year. Each product is hyperlinked so you can quickly purchase what you want without wasting any of your precious homework time.

1. Essential oil roller bottles – These roller bottles come in small containers and in a variety of different scents like lemon and lavender. They’re small enough to fit in your pocket or a pencil box so that you can pull them out in class if you’re feeling stressed before a big test. Just rub the soothing product on both wrists and wait for your stress to melt away.

2. Stress ballFeeling a lot of pent up anger and stress? What better way than to take it out on a squishy, foam ball? That way you won’t hurt anyone and you’ll get addicted to the feeling of satisfaction between your fingers.

3. Gum – Have a test coming up and don’t know how to study? First, get a stick of gum and start chewing. That’s right! Chewing gum when you study and chewing the same kind during the test will stimulate your memory, according to Serge Onyper from St. Lawrence University. This is because chewing increases heart rate and blood pressure, which wakes up your brain and helps you focus. Pop that gum into your mouth on test day and boom, your grade will be saved.

4. ChapstickWith the winter months coming along it’s easy for your lips to get cracked and ugly. Prevent that by simply rubbing on some soothing chapstick. Now you won’t be distracted by your studying with chapped and hurting lips. Plus who knows, your next kiss might be just around the corner.

5. Planner Tired of forgetting about all your upcoming tests or assignments? A planner comes in handy for jotting down all those important dates. There are plenty of cute and affordable planners at Barnes and Noble and Target. Plus you can personalize them with stickers and washi tape. Cute and practical? It’s a win-win.

6. Tea mugNot an avid coffee drinker? Then tea may be another soul-soothing beverage for you. With a cute tea mug you can personalize, you can put any kind of tea in it – green tea, black tea or vanilla chai. If you name it, you can use your tea mug for it. 

7. Fuzzy blanket With winter approaching fast, everyone needs a way to stay warm. Cuddle up in a fuzzy blanket in your freezing classrooms and make your fellow classmates jealous. Try not to get too cozy and fall asleep in class though!

8. Doggy slippers (slippers shaped like dogs!) – Need a way to keep your feet warm during the cold winter months? What better way to do so than to purchase plush dog-shaped slippers? People will want to come up to you and stroke your fashionable footwear.

9. Cute pensNeed motivation to start your homework? It’ll be easier to get your homework done if you have a set of cute pens. Who can resist some polka dot or striped pens? Every classmate will want to be your friend.

10. Hydro Flask water bottleStaying hydrated is important, and many students forget to keep their bodies replenished with water due to their hectic schedules. But with a durable Hydro Flask water bottle that can easily be personalized with stickers, drinking water will no longer be a chore. Stride down the hallway with your Hydro Flask in hand and your fellow classmates will be sure to give you approval.

Art by Emma Hall