Midterm Madness

Although many high school students cannot vote in the upcoming midterm elections, its importance in students’ lives makes it imperative to understand its meaning.

The 2016 presidential election shook political history with its seemingly shocking results, as someone with no political background was voted into the highest form of office.

America was more divided than ever, in an election that consisted of polarizing opinions and intense media coverage. Students especially became more active by staying informed, participating in marches and supporting campaigns. Everyone was invested in who would be next to call the White House their home. The results were met with extreme emotions. Whether individuals were pleased or disappointed by the outcome, many students believe that now is not the time to stop caring because something even more monumental is coming up on Nov. 6: the 2018 midterm elections.

Midterm elections are the national and state elections that occur after the first two years of a presidential term. The positions up for reelection are from the federal, state and local government. Because the members of the House of Representatives and the Senate have two-year and six-year terms respectively, not all of the members are up for reelection each time.

Some believe that the presidential election is the only election of importance. But according to the Washington Post, 43 percent of eligible voters didn’t even fill out a ballot in the 2016 election. Instead of waiting for the 2020 presidential election, those voices can be heard more clearly this year.

It is the midterm elections that have the ability to transform the plans of the government. These elections impact the balance of Republicans and Democrats which can, in turn, affect what debates arose and what policies are changed. Though the presidential election is often the most publicized election, students are still affected by the midterm elections. From gun control to immigration, a variety of issues are impacted by who is voted in or out of office during this crucial time period.