November 19, 2018

The director for this play is English teacher Katy Nahra. As the director, Nahra is in charge of the rehearsals and running scenes.

“We decide ahead of time what scenes we’re going to run then run the scenes however many times I feel like we need to,” Nahra said. “We also work on characterization and just solidify line and parts and blocking and all that good stuff.”

One unique aspect of the production is incorporating younger children into the scenes. For a few of the scenes, children of teachers at West are going to be up on stage when needed.

“It’s a different kind of atmosphere. When you have the little kids, they  dictate what we do and for low long.””

— Katy Nahra

“So we actually invited a bunch of little kids of people that we know to be a part of just a few of the scenes, like the parade scene and the toy department scene, where it would make sense for kids to be waiting for Santa Claus and things like that,” Nahra said. “It’s a different kind of atmosphere. When you have the little kids, they  dictate what we do and for low long.”

The fall play is primarily based on what the spring musical will be, so Nahra uses the musical to decide on which play they’re going to do.

“We pick [the musical and the play] together so that we’re sure that we’ve given chances to as many people as possible. If we do a smaller play, we wanted to make sure we do a bigger musical so that we can invite more people to be a part of it,” Nahra said. “This year, we’re doing something kind of dark like Sweeney Todd, so we wanted to do something much more lighthearted and family friendly to help compensate.”

Miracle on 34th Street will take place on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1. Tickets can be purchased the week of the show in the main office and in the main commons during all lunches

“[I] hope that everybody comes and sees it,” Nahra said. “It’s great to get ready for the holidays, it really gets you in the holiday spirit.”

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