West High Primary


After the first three primaries of this election year, the Republican nomination is still up in the air. Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum have all had strong showings in these first couple contests. The West Side Story decided to ask some Republicans around the school who their desired candidate was, and what about them made them the best.

“I support Mitt Romney because I think he has the best chance to beat Obama.” Jeremiah Anthony ’14 said.

“Mitt Romney because he was a great governor but mostly because he was my homeboy.” C.J. Drew ’12 said.

“Ron Paul because he isnt so conservative so its crazy religious, but its still has some conservative values that I share.” Megan Introna ’14 said.

” [I support] Mitt Romney. Because he’s not extremely conservative, he can create a small division between the political parties.” Jenny Clark ’13 said.

“I dont like any of them a lot, there’s too much fighting right now.” Callum Scott ’14 said.

“Gingrich because he is the most electable and the truest conservative.” Grant Ewing ’14 said.