Smash Juice Bar and Eatery


Price range: $$$

Another recent addition to the local acai bowl scene is Smash Juice Bar and Eatery, a cute little place in the North Liberty area. With a great menu that they plan to expand, this is definitely a place one should check out! They have a few different acai bowl options and very helpful employees. All their bowls can be customized and are made with fresh ingredients. Though the texture has varied between the couple different bowls I’ve had there, it tends to be slightly too soupy for my preference. The flavor is quite delicious and the fresh toppings they use give the bowl a nice, natural, sweet flavor. While their bowls don’t quite make my highly recommended list, this is definitely a fun place to check out. Hopefully, as their menu expands, more and more options will be available. I’m certainly looking forward to this!

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