Seniors honored with graduation yard signs

Teacher and staff placed graduation yard signs in seniors’ yards to honor the class of 2020 on May 14 and 15.


Sumner Wallace

Yard signs that honor the class of 2020 were placed in seniors’ yards on May 15.

Hanah Kitamoto, Print Co-Editor-In-Chief

Twenty-three teachers and staff from West High placed signs in yards and windows of graduating seniors on May 14 and 15. According to Principal Gregg Shoultz, the idea came from the webinar for seniors and parents held on April 24. 

“The PSTO wanted to do something for the class of 2020. After the administration held a webinar […] we determined that seniors were in favor of getting signs,” Shoultz said.

The planning started when the PSTO worked with a local company to design the signs. Teachers were notified about the plan on May 13. Assistant Principal Luke DeVries grouped the addresses in Google Maps and volunteers were able to choose a group of 12 seniors to put up the signs in various neighborhoods.

For English teacher Kerri Barnhouse, the goal of distributing the signs was to maintain a bond with the seniors.

“I think I was just excited to maybe catch a glimpse of some of our students and feel connected to the West High community a little bit more,” Barnhouse said. “I also feel so broken-hearted that seniors are missing out on the traditional activities of their senior year, and this was a small way of showing our support for them.”

Spanish teacher Dave Rosenthal distributes signs to seniors on May 15. (Ella Rosenthal)