Women of Troy face a defeat against City High

The softball team lost two games to the Little Hawks in a doubleheader on July 10.

Camille Gretter, Online Managing and Sports Editor

The Women of Troy faced tough competition while playing against their cross-town rival, the City High Little Hawks. Although they were not able to claim a victory against the Little Hawks, they did put up a very good fight.

The game began with a 14 second moment of silence in honor of Emma Nugent, a rising City High senior who died unexpectedly on July 6. City High gained an edge very quickly from a home run during the bottom of the first inning of the first game. They continued to score throughout the first game, whereas West struggled to keep the gap of the score small. However, in the first inning, senior Eva Burbidge scored one run. Then, in the top of the seventh inning, Liv Williams ’21 scores with help from senior Kiahna Hill who hit a double.

By the end of the first game, City High had won the first game with a score of 5-2. After City’s senior nigh recognition, the second game began.

With a pitcher change and a motivation to win, the Women of Troy had seemed to be ready for game two. That did not last long, though, as the Little Hawks racked up runs at a very accelerated rate. Despite the fact that a win was slipping through West High’s fingers, Lexi Nash ’23 was able to score with help from fellow freshman Tamiah Teran’s RBI.

A final score of 12-1 in the second game was definitely not the outcome the Women of Troy were hoping for. However, they still have a chance to prove themselves at their regional game next Thursday, July 16 at home.