Predictions and Reactions:

A closer look at 5 day schooling

Jem Alden and Adithi Rajan

Hallway before full weeks began
Hallways before full school weeks began. Picture taken by Zohrae McClaskey
Hallways after full school weeks began. Picture taken by Jem Alden

Over the first and second week of the new school model, my partner and I surveyed and interviewed people about their opinions on it. We got 39 different people to answer questions in the surveys. We survey people on their hopes, worries, opinions, and much more. The overall feel is that students like the new model overall and are looking forward to less homework, better grades, and seeing friends. Teachers have the same workload for the most part except some have more due to their students moving online to finish the tri. Teachers are happy they do not need to keep track of two different schedules and hope students will do better with a more structured routine. 




“It concerns me that our State Government does not appear to be concerned with what science says. Education is obviously important, but nothing outweighs human lives. Not all of our teachers have been vaccinated, some students may have underlying conditions that could make them more vulnerable, and with asymptomatic cases, contract tracing is almost impossible. I’m not an epidemiologist, but at least I listen to them. And I understand the concept of exponential growth.”-Peter Adams ’22 

“I will miss my 5 day weekends.” -William Chen ’22

“For me, currently? No! (social energy) But eventually I’ll get used to it. I believe homework/teaching will be way easier instead of just getting that random canvas assignment notifications at 5am.” -Luc Baguma ’22

“I despise the idea, but I can’t deny it has been helping me get more assignments turned in along with improving my grades.” -Miles Mohamed ’24

“I think I will dislike it, but will get used to it eventually.” -Caleb Bodin ’22

“I totally understand why this a 5-day week is being pushed, but I still think that it’s an incredibly dumb idea. The logic of reopening schools because vaccines are starting to be distributed is like diving into the deep end of the pool since the pool is starting to get filled. It’s really stupid, will result in a massive headache, and could lead to someone dying.”           -Adams

“I think the homework load will increase and that won’t be great, but I’m excited to get to talk to and see more people.” -Mary Woodward ’21

“My grades will do better and I’ll get to see more of my friends.” -James Dickens ’23

“I hope that we will have very little or no homework because we have twice as many school days.” -Bodin

“Get to see more friends and finish out senior year on a positive note.” -Woodward

“For grades to become much easier to manage because I can ask my teachers for help” -Mohamed



“I have always been amazed at how resilient high school students are. I am impressed by how my students show up and just go along with whatever the day brings. Students being flexible has made the whole experience of teaching during a pandemic much easier. That being said, I know everyone has their own unique stresses and concerns right now. That’s why patience and understanding are so appreciated as we work through the school year.” -FCS teacher Jana Warning

“I think we’ll be okay. Teachers and students have learned to be flexible and adapt to changing situations over this past year.”-Science teacher Nick Bushkofsky

“It has almost been a full year since I’ve had a full classroom of students. I think that may be a little overwhelming at first.” -Bushkofsky

“It should be a school by school, district by district decision.” -English teacher Katy Nahra





“It’s tiring but there’s not as much Homework.” – Ali Hawkes ’24

“It’s exhausting during the day but it’s nice to have less homework.” -Hayden Dillon ’23

“Hybrid, it’s a good mix between learning in-person and not being around too many people.” -Dillon

“The 5 day schedule is better for my learning.” – Audrey Parrish ’23

“I like the 5 day full in person because there’s not as much Homework.” -Hawkes

“There’s so many people, so they’re not able to socially distance properly, so if anyone gets covid a lot of people are going to be quarantined.” -Dillon

“I think people will get better grades.” -Hawkes

“there’s not much class work to do at home.” -Dillon

“I am already retaining more knowledge from class than I was in the online and hybrid programs.” -Parrish

“I do get less sleep now because I have to wake up earlier and stay up later doing work.” -Neena Turnblom ’23

“It (socializing) is way easier because I see people everyday!” -Parrish

“after being in school for a week, i think this model will actually be better for my learning, theres a lot of asynchronous work i didn’t really do. i kinda just wish there were fewer kids at school.” -Dillon



“I am much happier with everyone in school every day. It is easier to plan for each week, and I can assess so much more easily. I feel like students are more engaged in class.” -Math teacher Joye Walker

“I’m very tired, but it will just take time to get used to again.” -Spanish teacher Jamie Sandhu

“I am adjusting very well. I do notice that I have more work in the evenings because several of my students switched to all online. They turn in their work often in the evenings, so it takes some time to get all of that homework checked off and recorded on Power School. For formative assessments, I have to give more explanations in my feedback, so it takes a little longer to grade them.” -Walker

“This (choosing a preferred model) is challenging. In terms of safety I would prefer the hybrid model. In terms of trying to have a more clear picture of my student’s academic success, I prefer the 5 day in person model.” -Bushkofsky

“Hybrid. I think we are safer. I like the 5 days best–all teachers do, but until we are vaccinated, I think we should be online or hybrid.” -Nahra

“I now have students joining me for lunch, which is a welcome change.” -History teacher Drew Bloom

“Students are certainly concerned about their safety, and the larger class sizes can limit some students’ comfort and expression that we saw in the hybrid setting.” -Bloom

“Students are face-to-face with their teachers each day and have the ability to ask questions and get more immediate feedback.” -Bushkofsky

“Grading is more difficult in this model, instead of having a week or so it’s now a day or so if I want to get results from my feedback.” -Bloom

“As I mentioned earlier, the fact that I have several online students has resulted in my having to spend more time grading, particularly after school hours.” -Walker

“I don’t think it has changed. I don’t have students turning as many things in on Canvas and I can look at their work while they’re completing it.” -Bushkofsky

“Socialization with my colleagues has not changed. However, socialization with students is much easier. I have many more students getting help outside of their class time. I also hear more discussion among students, who are talking about their math homework. This is a very good thing, both for learning and for social interactions. I think students find comfort in communicating about their work with others. They often compare answers or solution methods, and that is always positive.” -Walker

“I think students are more willing to chat with their peers, but it’s also harder to get a full class engaged in a teacher-led discussion.” -Bloom

Lunchroom before and after full school weeks began.

Picture taken by Zohrae McClaskey

Picture taken by Adithi Anand Rajan