Megan’s Photo Essay


I decided to do my photo essay on my sister in softball practice and games. I did it on my sister because she plays a good sport and is really good at it. Softball had always been a passion of mine and my sister. I did not continue playing softball, but Maryssa did and became a good player.


Game Ball. After a good game the team played, Maryssa got the game ball. The game is handed to her for how well she played the game. “Getting the game ball has made me happy with the practice that I have been putting into everything.” Maryssa said
Going to first. Maryssa ‘26 is trying to get the runner out at 1st. She gets the out and her team and the fans cheer. When she gets the out it puts the other team at 2 outs with 1 run in the inning. “Getting the out really helped us because when we go up to the plate and bat we can try and get more runs and try to get a lead in the game” Maryssa said.
Batter up, Maryssa is up at the plate getting ready to hit the ball down the middle of the field. Her bat is halfway around her body to get the ball down the middle.
Good pitch. Maryssa gets a good pitch from her dad at practice. The ball comes pretty straight and she has a good eye for the ball. The ball hits the bat and it goes out to center field and she gets a base run.
Catcher. “Since I play catcher I have to make sure the balls do not get behind me.” Maryssa said. The pitcher pitched a little low to where Maryssa had to reach her glove in order to stop the ball.
Stop the ball. Maryssa is playing catcher for practice and trying not to let the ball get past her. She drops to her knees and stops them from going behind her so the run can’t advance.