Mohana Sunkara’s photo essay

Java House

I’ve never put too much time or interest in taking good photos. I usually just try to capture the moment while not paying too much attention to the minor details. For my photo essay, I tried to incorporate a theme of coffee shops/cafes and social distancing for this photo essay. I really was caught on the coffee shop/cafe theme because I love coffee shops starting from the food/drinks to the environment. There’s something so peaceful about them and the strong smell of coffee just makes me happy. Also, the smell of the bakery items always gets me hungry and triggers my sweet tooth. I think my theme turned out good because I was also able to incorporate some social distancing in it, for example sitting far away from others at the coffee shops while getting school work done. Something that I learned from this is to take pictures at many coffee shops/ cafes or in different locations in one place. It would have diversified my photos a little more.