Ella’s photo essay: downtown Iowa City

Genuine happiness

Downtown Iowa City is the best place to capture a variety of different people going about their daily lives. College students, parents, teenagers, little children, and elderly citizens all come downtown to do their own thing.

Whether it’s walking a dog, playing spikeball, or drinking bubble tea, I really wanted to catch people in the moment in a place that brings me so much joy on a daily basis. Whenever I need something fun to do, I head downtown; I wanted to see others enjoying downtown Iowa City as much as I do.

Overall, I think I did well capturing the photos I had hoped to get. I think I portrayed happiness very well throughout my pictures.

For many of my photos, like the one of the man smiling with his dog, the contentment is obvious because the person in the photo is actually expressing it. For other pictures (specifically my building photos), I tried to keep the photo theme going by trying to make the viewer of the photos feel calm and comforted.