Red Dead Redemption 2 Review

Luke Longmire

This review of Red Dead Redemption 2 will have major spoilers and is meant to be read after playing the game, read at your own risk. 


I recently played Red Dead Redemption 2 and despite it being out for almost 2-3 years now I thought it was so good that it deserved a review. So in this review I will be talking about 2 major parts of the best open world game I have ever played, the gameplay and the story. I will first talk about the story, this next paragraph will have major spoilers and you may want to skip this next paragraph to avoid ruining the game for yourself.

One of the best parts about Red Dead Redemption 2 is the phenomenal story, not once did I skip a cutscene which is uncommon for me. You start out Arthur Morgan, an outlaw that has morals and you can choose if you want to be good or bad throughout the game. Personally I choose to be a good guy and I loved to see Arthur Morgan’s redemption arc throughout the game. What really made the story amazing was Arthur getting terminal tuberculosis halfway through the story which completely shifts his view on the world. Arthur goes from being a bad outlaw whose main focus is to rob and kill people for the gang to someone who only wants to make sure the people who are like family to him make it out safe before he dies. This redemption arc that goes on throughout the story really made me feel attached to Arthur and it was a really emotional moment when he finally dies while helping John and his family escape the law and the gang. This is why Red Dead Redemption is my favorite game, not because of the fun gameplay but because of the wonderfully written story that you just can’t help but become interested in. 

Now I will review the gameplay, this section will not have any major spoilers but will talk about some of the setting the game takes place in. If you read the previous paragraph of me reviewing the story you will know that I thought it was amazing, but that isn’t the only reason you should play this game. Another amazing part of this game is the actual gameplay and being out in the open world. First I will talk about the in game limitations that I really liked, in game there is a whole system of things that affect your player stats. If you eat more food you will gain weight and health but also lose stamina, and if you don’t eat often enough you will lose weight and total hp but gain stamina. This is just one part of the roleplaying elements of the game that you must monitor so that you don’t become too fat or too skinny, other elements include weapon wear and tear, how much you shoot affects your dead eye stat which lets you slow down time and aim better, etc… but while I personally really liked these elements of the game, I could also find them annoying at times and wish there was a option to turn them off when playing the game. Secondly I will review the open world, this game’s open world is amazing, it is large but with options to fast travel, it has many different biomes including snowy mountains, swamps, deserts, and plains each with their own wildlife. It also has many things to do including minigames, side missions, and random occurrences. Rockstar Games really worked on this open world and it is reflected in the game. Lastly I will review arguably the two most important aspects of the game, horses and the shooting. The horse system is good with horses having a variety of stats and giving you the option to either buy horses, steal them, or find wild ones to tame. You become attached to your horse and want to keep it out of danger throughout the game. The other important aspect, shooting, is also very good, it is smooth with you the player being able to change the level of aim assist, it has the classic dead eye, like in the first game, where you can temporarily slow down time to help you aim. And like the horses you can buy guns, steal them, or just find them out in the open world. 

Overall I would give Red Dead Redemption 2 a solid 10/10, it being the best game I have ever played. You become attached to the characters in the game, the open world is vast but filled with interesting things, and the gameplay is wonderful. I highly recommend playing it if you haven’t already and experiencing it for yourself.