Sweet spot: Molly’s Cupcakes in Iowa City


At Molly’s, you can build your own cupcake from a variety of sizes, cakes, and frosting, or buy an already made cupcake displayed with descriptions of what makes up the cake.

By Aileen

While most of Iowa City rested, soaking in the summer sun, a new confectionery popped up downtown amidst the abundance of frozen yogurt shops. Molly’s Cupcakes opened its doors in Iowa City on July 29, bringing big-city flavour to this college town.

Jamie Smith, the owner of the store’s local branch, wanted to bring a bit of Chicago’s famous sweetshop with her when she moved to Iowa. A branch of the high-end cupcakery, Molly’s has a unique backstory and atmosphere that Smith couldn’t wait to bring to the Corridor area. Inspired by a kind third-grade teacher named Miss Molly who baked sweet treats for her pupils on their birthdays, the chain originated in the Windy City.

“[Working at Molly’s in Chicago] was intoxicating, I got hooked right away,” said Smith.

Retaining the whimsy of childhood, Molly’s decor contrasts the banality of school with the imagination of childhood. Swings hang from the ceilings to make seats. The tables are school desks. Old tin lunch boxes sit on shelves, Smurfs and Beauty and the Beast labels clearly visible. Drawing attention to the window seat, blue and orange pillows mimic the reading rug from elementary classrooms.

The cupcakes are delicious, although the amount of frosting can be overwhelming if you are not prepared to sit down and savor all of the sugar. There is a great variety of cupcakes, since Molly’s even includes vegan ones in their line-up.

Smith’s favorite is peach cobbler.

Even if you’re not in the mood for a cupcake, Molly’s offers homemade ice cream, cookies, bars, cheesecake, and more–all made right at the bakery.

With an atmosphere more like a cozy classroom than expected, this little nook lets the sweetness of its treats permeate the air, lifting moods with its lighthearted joviality. As Smith says, “What can go wrong when you’re eating a cupcake?”


For more information go to http://www.icmollys.com/.

Customers purchase a variety of cupcakes, either to eat at Molly’s or take on the go.

Old tin lunchboxes line the shelves, giving a unique characteristic to Molly’s.

At Molly’s, you can build your own cupcake from a variety of sizes, cakes and frosting. Alternatively, you can buy a premade cupcake from a display with descriptions of the cupcakes.