Habitat for Humanity recruits West students


By Velarchana

The tapping of hammers echos as sixty people simultaneously work on building walls for a Habitat for Humanity home in Iowa City.  Did I mention that all of these people are women?

Saturday September fifteenth, at City High, women of all ages joined together to begin building walls for Habitat’s latest home in Iowa City.  The home, to benefit Elizabeth Bernal and her children is one of over seventy homes built by Iowa Valley Habitat.

Along with a plethora of City High students and adult volunteers, Taryn Nishimaura ’14 and Elena Wilson ’13 volunteered their Saturday morning to help out.

“It was great just being able to help a family who really deserves it,” Nishimuara said.

If you would like to help, contact the Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity.

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