ICCSD announces 2 hour early dismissal for Dec. 17

Iowa City Community School District Superintendent Matt Degner alerted families via email on Dec. 8 about the early dismissal.


Rain Richards

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As the winter season approaches and students and teachers push through the last couple of days until winter break, ICCSD Superintendent Matt Degner notified families via email on Dec. 8 about a recent change to the school calendar.

All ICCSD schools will be released two hours early on Dec. 17 before students and teachers begin their two-week winter break.

“As we approach the end of the calendar year and our upcoming winter break, we want to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude for our school district community.  Our students, our staff, and our families continue to show great strength and resilience while navigating this pandemic and the multitude of unique challenges that we have faced throughout,” Degner said via email.

For many classes, the last day before winter break consists of assessments over the content covered in the first half of the year.

“We are trying to come up with a schedule that will have the least impact on students and teachers,” said Principal Mitch Gross.

Administrators were alerted of the change in the calendar at the same time as families around the district.

“I think the gesture here is to start break early and to kind of put an endpoint on, what’s been for a variety of reasons, a very stressful first half of the year,” Gross said.

Degner hopes the district’s early start to winter break will give students and families something to look forward to next week.

“During this break, please take time to disconnect, relax, and recharge. Most importantly, take care of yourself and each other. #ICCSDtogether,” Degner said in his email.