Managing The Stars

Learn more about the man behind the scenes of West basketball.

Jesus Marungo-Murillo

Zachary Logsdon

After a long day of school work, Jack Moreland ‘24 walks into the West High gym. He unlocks the gym doors and rolls out the squeaky rack of basketballs. He does this for the love of the game and knows he’s helping his team. Jack Moreland is the varsity basketball manager and does the work that goes unseen by most people.

Jack wasn’t always just a manager, at one time he had dreams of playing himself. “I played in seventh and eighth grade. You know, I was A-team”. He had played basketball since he was young but eventually, the dream was no more. “it’s very difficult when you were, however tall I was. Probably like, what 5”6’ to play against a bunch of six-foot players constantly getting blocked.” Moreland said. One of his former teammates and close friend Jacob Koch 24’ agreed it was time to hang it up. “ He had zero chance.” Said, Koch. When Moreland decided that his playing days were over he transitioned to managing.

With the dreams of playing over Moreland still wanted to be involved with basketball. West high basketball had run through the family with his brother, Charlie Moreland, playing before him. “He played all four years of high school… best benchwarmer on the team,” Moreland said. Like his brother, he wanted to be involved in the West High program. That’s when he decided to become the manager of the boy’s basketball team. Generally, managing is seen to be an easy job of getting water and chatting it up with the team. However, there is much more that goes into getting the team ready to perform at the highest level. “My job is to make the coach’s job easier by like, you know, filling up water bottles, obviously, you know, getting basketballs out”. While that is important he believes that helping his teammates get to the next level is what he values most in the job. He puts together highlights for those athletes to help them get attention from colleges. “we got a couple of athletes wanting to go division one. And colleges care about that. So I think that’s probably my most important job.”

We got a couple of athletes wanting to go division one. And colleges care about that. So I think that’s probably my most important job.

— Jack Moreland '24

While Moreland isn’t playing he is still part of the team’s family. The team embraces the manager rather than keeping him separate. The bus rides are especially great, you know Jack and I sit right next to each other. “We have a great time they have they have a great time we all mess with him.” Said, Koch. Being the manager he has lots of responsibilities, but he also is a friend and boosts the team’s morale. During away games, he is the team’s biggest cheerleader “during the away games that’s pretty much our student section right there. So yeah, I think I could help”
Moreland loves the role he has and wouldn’t want it to be any other way. Getting to be part of the team and being respected for your role means something to Moreland. The manager is the perfect role for him and wants people to let that non-athletes can still be part of the team. “you’re part of the team, for the most part, so you know if you want to, you love basketball, you love watching the game.”