Stresses of Homework

Getting home every night at 10 after a long night of sports and work. You feel exhausted, you just want to shower, get to bed and wake up the next day and feel good about the day. Instead you have to open up your textbooks and look on Canvas for all the assignments that are due the next day. You think to yourself, When am I going to get to bed every night? We tire ourselves by staying up late every night to do all the assignments our teachers have given us for that night. 

  According to link 70% of students say that they are often or always stressed with homework, while 56% say it is just a primary stressor. There are many reasons why homework should be limited in classes. Teachers should know the consequences of giving a lot of homework. Teachers don’t know what students have going on outside of school. 

Many students have sports and extracurricular activities that they have right after school or sometime in the evening. Students and many of my friends are now starting to get jobs and most already have jobs that they have to go to after school, and some students need to go to their jobs to provide for themselves and make money so they don’t have an option. 

During the fall, the beginning of the school year I played West volleyball. Most nights, practice doesn’t get done until 6:30 and sometimes I don’t get home until 7. On school nights when we would have games I wouldn’t be getting home until 10 or later. When I get home I still need to eat and shower after a long practice or game. My family normally wants to talk to me for a bit and just sit down with me. Therefore, saying all of that, it is hard to get all of my homework done if I want to get a goodnight sleep for school and my sport the next day. And the same thing goes with many students having jobs and not being able to get their work done because they get home so late. 

Teachers give out so much homework not knowing what students are going through mentally. A teen could be struggling and going through so much that mentally they will not be able to put in much effort to get all the work they need done, done in time.

I want students to feel strong enough to be able to talk to their teachers if they are struggling with homework. I want students to feel that they are not stressed alone. Teachers need to understand what students have going on at home and outside of school and take it into consideration when giving homework.