Two of a kind: a profile of Erica and Alison Hsu ’16


By Megumi Kitamoto

“They are quiet and extremely hard workers,” head swim coach Rob Miecznikowski said.

This description could probably describe many swimmers on the team.  However, not very many of swimmers support each other as much as Erica and Alison Hsu ’16 do.  Erica and Alison are identical twins, and they both snagged spots on the varsity swim team, all while having great qualities as people.
“Erica is very competitive in a good way, and she pushes herself.  Alison is funny, nice and positive.  Both of them are really great friends,” said Natalie Schoultz ’16, a good friend and fellow varsity swimmer.
Erica and Alison began swimming at the age of five, and began competetive swimming at age seven.
“I like how [swimming] is both a team and individual sport,” Alison said.
Being identical twins does not mean they have to be exactly alike. Erica and Alison have similar influences, and they both have the same goal: to get a trial cut.  A trial cut is a time standard that is set for a specific age group.
“[Another one of my influences is] Missy Franklin (a 17 year old Olympic swimmer),” Erica said.

They swim different events, Erica preferring the individual medley, while Alison likes the backstroke.

You can see them at Regionals on October 27th, at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center in Iowa City.