Seniors trump juniors at Manball


Frank Weirich

by Blake Oetting

Last year, the Iowa City community watched the girls volleyball team fight their way to a state title. What little may know is that another volleyball programs exists at Iowa City West. They are intense, they are committed, and they are male. Manball has been a tradition at West High for many years during homecoming week. Over that time, manball has increased in participation and passion. The players are more than willing to display their excitement about being a part of the event.

“It’s such an intense sport. We love rivalry; it makes us better individuals, [and] it gets rid of our weakness,” Connor Schueler ’14, a player for the juniors said.

This outright excitement is also evident on the senior team, expressed by Nathan Schuchert ’13 on the sidelines of the event.

“[Manball] is awesome. We need the class of 2013 to go undefeated in mankind,” said Schuchert.

The energy even extends to other students, inspiring them to get involved in any way they can. Hayden Bevelacqua ’14, a player on the varsity volleyball team this year, chose to coach the junior team this year.

“I love the junior class, and I thought manball would be really fun,” Bevelacqua said.

The energy was buzzing, and as the sporting phenomenon played on, the crowd appreciated not only the players’ passion, but also their effort. Manball was, once again, a success.

“It is very entertaining and funny. It’s fun to watch them try,” Michaela Just ’14 said.