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Decisions, decisions

It seems like only yesterday I was braving my first day of high school. Terrified freshman me spent that day tripping up the stairs, convinced I wouldn’t make any friends. I remember coming home exhausted and dreading the coming days of this new era. 

As it turned out, high school was more survivable than I expected. I managed to pass my classes, meet people that became best friends and find a place in the newspaper.

Of course, I’ve been below my peak. Waiting until the day before my essays were due to write them and running late to almost every first period I’ve had were not my best moments. Don’t forget, it’s normal to not always be on top of things.

From picking your classes to committing to a college, there are many decisions to make in high school. Procrastination was a poorer one of mine.

There are some decisions I’m still not sure were the right ones, like taking APUSH (*shudder*) or never attempting to design for WSS (InDesign is scary, okay?). I can ask endless “What if…?” questions about the paths I could have taken.

Luckily, there are decisions that I am so glad I made, like joining the improv club, applying for the position of columns editor and asking for help when I needed it. 

I’m definitely not one of those “cool” seniors that younger me hoped to be. My past four years of life could even be considered boring. However, I’ve made one more decision to finish the year: to accept that I didn’t have the teenage experience the movies told me I was supposed to. I won’t worry about my time in high school being wasted, because I have the rest of my life to make the right decisions.

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