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Pammie’s passions

May 20, 2022

Along with her family, music has stayed a constant in Pammie’s life since she comes from a highly musical environment. Everyone on both sides of Pammie’s family loves music — it is in her genes. Patricia describes how music played a pivotal role in Pammie’s life as an infant.

“She doesn’t remember this, but [in] the unit we were staying in, the nurses had a CD player with all kinds of lullabies. I noticed, when she was little, she was crying so much because we didn’t know all of her illnesses yet,” Patricia said. “I had this exercise ball, and as soon as she was in my arms, bouncing and listening to music, she was happy.”

Although Mexican music still holds a special place in her heart, Pammie also enjoys country music. Two of her favorite artists are Taylor Swift and George Strait.

“She’s always talked about how much she loves music and dancing. I was surprised to find out her love for George Strait; it’s a little funny considering how young she is, and he’s been around for a while,” Garcia said.

George Strait is an American singer known as the “King of Country.” Pammie has found meaningful messages in the lyrics of Strait’s songs, which serve as a constant reminder to persevere through every step of her life.

“Since I’ve been listening to George Strait, I think that I’ve learned to believe in myself and keep pushing to do my work, but not exert myself to where I can’t do it anymore,” Pammie said.

Pammie performs at the Talent Show and Family Night put on by West’s Community Inclusion Club on April 21. (Sachiko Goto)

Her process for choosing songs in talent shows lies in whether or not it is upbeat and familiar to her. It is no surprise that Pammie chose to sing “Write This Down” by George Strait at the annual Talent Show and Family Night put on by West’s Community Inclusion Club on April 21.

“[The talent show] was really fun. I liked seeing everybody there, and I got so much applause when I was done. I was happy that I was invited to join; I was actually kind of ready, because I listen to George Strait every single day,” Pammie said.

Performing is something that comes easy to Pammie. Her confidence allows her to overcome nerves and now, she’s always happy to perform for a crowd.

“She was very excited about [the talent show]. I would ask her if she was nervous, and she would be like, ‘No, I’m not nervous,’” Garcia said. “The joy on her face performing in front of people was really touching. She’s a good performer; she knows how to work the crowd. She got them clapping along — she was hooting and hollering.”

Music has also provided Pammie with comfort through the years. Even during challenging times, she knows music will always be there for her.

“Since I’ve gotten older, [music] makes me feel relaxed. It sort of helps me get through the stressful times at school,” Pammie said. “When I have tests and quizzes and projects due, I’ll listen to music, and that will kind of destress my brain. When I’m in the hospital, it helps me get my mind off things when I’m sick and tired and in bed.”

Patricia’s favorite memory of Pammie’s early exposure to music is from the time when Pammie was in a cast from her waist to the tip of her ankles. Whenever Patricia would play music for Pammie, she would wiggle her toes to the song.

“That’s one of my memories that always keeps me strong or keeps me going. Because for her, it doesn’t matter what she’s facing, she’s still showing us that she wants to be happy,” Patricia said.

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