Hotter takes

Do you have hot takes? Are they hotter than before? Some students have shared their most unpopular opinions. Do you agree with these students’ hotter takes?


Student’s share their hotter takes.

“Avocados ruin sushi and they should not belong there.” – Nik Sung ’22


“Kendrick Lamar’s new album is mid.” – Nate Weimer ’23


“Canes is overrated and escargot is good” – Rachel Swack ’23


“Welches > Motts.” – John Woodward ’23


“Seafood is trash.” – Ishan Harwani ’25


“Youtube music is better than Spotify.” – Will Cheng ’23


“Kendrick Lamar is the best rapper of his generation and is in the top 5 for best rappers ever.” – Sanket Deshpande ’23


“Costco portions are not big enough.” – Michael Follmer ’25


“Pickles are overrated.” – Jarret Hirenski ’24


“Welches are overhyped.” – Eva Jordan ’23


“I hate mangos.” – Defne Bayman ’24


“Cantaloupe is the worst fruit.” – Layan Ahmed ’25


“Under Armour is better than Nike.” – Seth Cheney ’23


“Cold showers slap.” – Aiden Crowell ’22


“Cheese is gross.” – Karen Liu ’24


“Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Messi.” – Richard Medina ’23


“The back parking lot is better than the auditorium parking lot.” – Eleanor Weitz ’24


“Cold Pizza that is microwaved is better than fresh pizza.” – Bivan Shrestha ’22


“Mango flavor isn’t even that good.” – Zach Barton ’23


“Skippy is better than Jiff, Keeping Up with the Kardashians is the best TV show, and Brussel Sprouts are delicious.” – Jade Roghair ’23


“Mint ice cream isn’t that bad.” – Reagan Yamashita ’22