Anime club: new and improved

by Megumi Kitamoto

The Anime Club is back again at West with a new advisor: Jeff Conner, science teacher by day and anime maniac after school on Fridays.

“I was really excited when I found out that they needed an advisor for [anime club], because if I could pick any club I could be the advisor of, I would definitely choose anime club,” Conner said, and his excitement is definitely present in the atmosphere.

At the beginning of the club, members drew anime pictures on the chalkboard and then introduced themselves to the group.  In addition to saying their name and grade, they said their favorite anime.  Everybody there knew most of the animes being discussed, so they talked about each anime, with opinions dividing the group.  However, everybody came to one as they began watching Case Closed.  Laughs and chattering filled the room as their favorite scenes came onto the screen.

Some of the lively atmosphere has also come from the students’ love towards anime.

“I really enjoy anime because there are so many different genres,” said Anna Stevens ’16.

“[I like how] anime is a not-so-real world, so you can get away from your real world,” said Jason Barnes ’14.

Anime Club meets every Friday after school in Room 27.

Want to increase your anime knowledge? Anime Club recommends these films:

Rozario and the Vampire

Death Note


Soul Eater

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