Merci consignment store

By Alyssa McKeone

A new consignment shop, Merci, has recently opened in downtown Iowa City . The store carries gently used high end brands for a low cost. Merci is unique in that it is labeled as a “pop up store,” meaning that the store isn’t going to be open permanently. Other stores have also been in the same space that Merci is in. Past stores have carried items related to different holiday seasons. Staff members hope to have Merci open until the end of the year.

The store is also dedicated to giving  back to the community. 10% of all purchases are donated to local organizations.

Before entering the store I was struck by the sign’s elegant yet simple design.  The store’s name is written in a curly, yellow font which immediately draws in people walking by the store.

Walking into Merci what  first grabbed my attention was the high level of organization in the shop. All of the clothing and accessories are organized according to their color scheme. In addition, the shoes are displayed on tilted shelves under spotlights. The store was so orderly it almost seemed as if I was in a store in the mall.

As I browsed through the different racks of colors I realized a few things that made this consignment store stick out from others. First, the clothing looks as if it hasn’t been worn before. The fabrics were clean and seemed as if they just came from a name brand store. There were clothes of common name brands such as Gap and North Face but also brands not commonly heard of. Second, the prices were reasonable. Most tops whether long sleeve or short sleeve ranged from $5 to $30. Although there were many tops the pants selection was disappointing. There was a wide range of sizes but each size had a small array of choices.

As I left the store I was left with another impression of the store. The staff were very friendly and were quick to ask how they could assist you. Their customer service was outstanding.

If you need a new place to shop stop by Merci located at 30 South Clinton. You will be assured to find a brand you’ve never heard of before.