A look at Youssef El-far’s handball career

By Hannah Merrill

Taking time to focus, Youssef El-far ’14 clutches onto the ball until he lunges forward to hurl it at the wall, demonstrating how one throws a handball.  El-far has been playing handball for many years–even before his move to Iowa, he played with many clubs back in Egypt (where he used to live), such as Al Ahly and Helioples.  And his success in the sport has continued since deciding to move to the United States last year for a better life.  He joined the club Chicago Inter and after one tournament, the U.S. national team coach contacted him, asking El-far if he would join the team.  El-far plays right wing, which is a position that requires lots of running and it also has the responsibility to score goals.  Below are some images of El-far practicing handball.