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WSS interviewed two stylish seniors Erin Richmond and Nicoll Manhica.

WSS: How would you label your style?
ERIN RICHMOND: Yeah, I wear what I like to wear. If I see something that is attractive, I will wear it.
NM: I don’t put much thought in what I wear.
WSS: Where does your style come from? What styles in magazines or celebrities’ styles do you try to emulate?
NM: Emma Watson. She has some of the best styles out there. It’s always classic, but she makes it her own.
ER: I like anything that stands out. If I see something in a magazine, I want to recreate it.
WSS: What are your favorite stores?
NM: Oh, this is an easy question! Revival, White Rabbit, Ann Taylor Loft and Dillard’s.
WSS: What do you like about those stores?
NM: I like Revival [has] used clothing. The first time I went into White Rabbit was because of the art. But now I like that you never know what you’ll find.
ER: I love J-Crew. That is great for classic pieces. But for the fun things I like Revival and H&M for more unique pieces.
WSS: Who are your favorite designers?
ER: Alexander McQueen. You have to see [his designs]. They are very artistic. You would never wear them, but the presentation of them are magical.
NM: Kate Spade because everything she designs is brightly colored. Also Marc Jacobs. His styles are all clean and fresh.
WSS: Where else do you get your inspirations for fashion?
ER: I look at lookbook.nu and Marie Claire magazine. I like lookbook because it’s everyday people, not models or people with lots of money. They put together really cohesive looks with non-expensive clothes.
NM: I’m just a people watcher. I know that sounds really creepy, but I look at other people’s clothing. My mom and I do this all the time. We look at people and say “look at what they’re wearing.”
WSS: Do you ever trade clothes with each other?
ER: We never have.
NM: I trade with my mom and sister.
WSS: What do you like about their fashions?
NM: My mom is more fashion forward than I am. My mom has these jeans with zippers down the front and red pants that flare that she made herself. I like how bold she is.
WSS: What about your sister?
NM: I will steal anything from her closet. We have the same clothes but her is more sparse. She has no patience when it comes to shopping. She is not into fashion like I am, so she is in and out of the store where I like to browse.
WSS: Do you ever trade with anyone is your family Erin?
ER: I wear my dad’s old t-shirts from the ’80s.
WSS: What do you like about each other’s style?
ER: I like her turtle ring.
NM: Her black leather purse with a chain across the front. It’s a Coach purse.
WSS: Why do you like it?
NM: I don’t know I just like it.
ER: ’Cause it has chains.
ER: I like how our styles are the same but different. Things that she would wear, I would wear.
NM: Yeah, when we go shopping we will reach for the same thing.
WSS: How long have you two been friends?
BOTH: Since seventh grade.
WSS: How has your style changed since then?
NM: No more ties, thank god. I was such a weirdo. I used to wear my dad’s ties to school.
ER: I think I’ve just discovered more in the world of fashion. I went from wearing really basic things to more adventurous things.
WSS: What involvement is fashion going to play in your future?
ER: I will definitely take pride in what I wear.
NM: It’s not a priority. Even now, [fashion] is a minuscule part of my life. It’s something I like, but I don’t spend a lot of time on it. There is too many other things to do.

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