6 West Side Story students earn international Gold Key Awards


Olive Carrollhach ’13, Paul Curry ’14, Aileen Norris ’15, Leela Sathyaputri ’14, Pombie Silverman ’13 and Frank Weirich ’13, all earned Gold Keys for their work in the 2012-2013 West Side Story from the Quill and Scroll Journalism Honor Society. Sara Whittaker is the newspaper’s adviser.

A Gold Key is the highest honor a journalist can receive in Quill and Scroll’s international writing and photography contest. Carrollhach won for her infographic design titled “The End of the World.” Curry won for his opinion column titled “A visit from Reagan.” Norris won for her advertisement titled “Bluebird Café.” Sathyaputri won for her editorial cartoon titled “West Side Effects.” Silverman won for her sports article titled “Born to Run.” Frank won for his photo illustration titled “Cover of Gun Issue.”

Gold Key winners are eligible, as seniors, for the Edward J. Nell Memorial or the George and Ophelia Gallup scholarships in journalism.

There were a total of 2,436 entries in this international competition in all 14 divisions, with a total of 270 entries selected as National Winners and 342 individual student winners in all categories. The 14 categories include: editorial writing, editorial cartooning, news writing, news feature photography, sports photography, feature writing, opinion columns, review columns, individual in-depth reporting, team in-depth reporting, advertisement, sports writing, photo illustration and infographics.