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West Side Story

Beyond the page: What I learned from my writing class

Beyond the page: What I learned from my writing class

Luke Krchak, Reporter April 2, 2021

In the digital age, writing is one of the most crucial and overlooked skills. With a few words, an author can create an entire world. In the creative writing class I took online from City High English...

ICCSD students reflect on COVID-19 after a year in quarantine.

A year of COVID-19

Bess Frerichs, Carter McLaughlin, and Maddy Smith March 31, 2021

On March 13, 2020, ICCSD closed schools for two weeks in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Now, a year into the pandemic, life is just starting to return to normal.

All men are created equal… does not just apply to men

Paige Albright, Podcast Editor March 31, 2021

As March commemorates Women's history around the globe, WSS takes a closer look into Iowa's past surrounding the rights of women. Given that Iowa had a progressive past when it comes to equal rights for...

In 2020, hairstyles popular in the 90s and early 2000s are making a comeback.

Curls, colors and clips

Nao Oya, Photographer March 2, 2021

Just like fashion trends, hairstyles evolve throughout time. There are endless possibilities to the way you can style your hair, from braids to curls. The way people do their hair can tell us a lot about...

West High students talk about their experiences of turning their hobbies into income sources.

From hobby to business

Ruba Ahmed-Abdelmutalab, Print Profiles Co-Editor and Co-Business Editor March 2, 2021

Maddie Yacopucci ’22 (GentleCubCreations) What began as an online store selling acrylic paintings slowly turned into an international jewelry business. For Maddie Yacopucci ’22, all it took was...

Maddy Smith 22 is a photographer, writer and editor for the Trojan Epic and the West Side Story.

Staff Spotlight: Maddy Smith ’22

Bess Frerichs, Online Managing and Feature Editor February 28, 2021

West Side Story Staffer Maddy Smith ’22 is involved in all three sections of the West High journalism program. She is the student life editor for the Trojan Epic, and she writes and takes photos for...

Math teacher Hanan Rahmatallah is able to connect with ELL students in a unique manner because she too has experienced the triumphs and tribulations associated with learning a new language.

Rahmatallah’s road

Fareeha Ahmad , Profiles Editor and Yearbook Copy Editor February 28, 2021

Throughout high school, math teacher Hanan Rahmatallah was ambitious. She was involved in a diverse range of activities from singing to playing sports. She especially enjoyed the wonders of creating. Inspired...

3rd Trimester Enrollment as of Feb. 5. Source: West High Guidance Office.

The return

Misha Canin, Print Managing Editor and Business Co-Editor February 27, 2021

WSS is covering the changes in learning models and their subsequent effects on students. To read the previous installment in the series, "The hybrid gap," click here.  “Make sure you’re taking...

BLM protesters gather in downtown Iowa City June 6.

Unzipping Gen Z

Maya Chu, Heidi Du, Krisha Kapoor, and Soomin Koh February 26, 2021

Trudging through the West High doors, you spot a pair of students in a corner facing a phone propped up on a table, shimmying their hips and lip-syncing to the latest TikTok dance trend. Continuing down...

From 1980-2020, sea ice in the Arctic has decreased from 16.25 million square kilometers to  3.74 million square kilometers.

#SaveTheArctic: Over the years

Alaina Greenlee and Emma Hall February 25, 2021

The world couldn't have turned into what it is today without protests or pushback from the people. From the civil rights movements in the early 1900s all the way up to today’s Black Lives Matter and...

Steve Bergman’s squad is filled with former Hawkeyes sons, including Jeff and Pete Moe. The father-son duo is keeping the Moe legacy alive after moving back to Iowa City this fall.

Moe legacy lives on in Iowa City

Owen Aanestad, Online Editor-In-Chief February 24, 2021

Six foot nine Pete Moe ‘22 is easy to spot in the hallways, regardless of the recently crowded West High halls. Knowing almost no one beyond his new teammates on the basketball court, Moe found himself...

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