West Side Story

WSS: a decade in review

WSS: a decade in review

Marta Leira and Isaac Young

January 12, 2020

Former West Side Story editors-in-chief share a recap of the last decade of student journalism and high school memories.

Fighting for change: examining the combative culture at West High

An increase in the number of in-school altercations has garnered the attention of students and faculty.

Alex Carlon and Joe Goodman

January 7, 2020

It starts with a loud shriek.  Shortly after, the pounding of shoes racing down the linoleum hallway can be heard from inside the main floor classrooms. Teachers seal off their class from the outside noise in fear of the anarchic riot ensuing in the hallways, where the order is determined by the mas...

A look back at the decade that was the 2010s

A look back at the decade that was the 2010s

Jack Harris, Online Reporter & Film Critic

January 1, 2020

For students at West High the 2010s will likely be the decade that raised them. Most people have their personalities and opinions carved out while they are young. Things that they may have experienced or events that rattled them, have been the blueprints for building their conscience. So as the curtain c...

Looking back: Winter training changes

Camille Gretter, WSS Intern

December 30, 2019

Winter training changes by Jon Dorfman December 14th, 1979 For many students, athletes and non-athletes alike, the coming of winter signals a change in physical activities. Going indoors, whether it is to lift weights, work out at Nautilus Health Spa, run or play racquetball, keeps most athletes ...

Looking back: Hand-holding brings administrative action

Caroline Mascardo, WSS Intern

December 28, 2019

        Hand-holding brings administrative action Published in the March 13, 1970 edition of West Side Story   Recently students have been “grounded”in the study hall for violating a rule which prohibits the showing of affection in the school. Controversy was s...

The financial factor

With around 35% of the students at West receiving Free and Reduced Lunch, the effects of living in low socioeconomic households can influence the learning environment.

Natalie Katz and Natalie Dunlap

December 28, 2019

How much does it really cost to have a quality education at a public high school? Looking at the sticker price, nothing. Yet this year, according to USA Today, the average family spent $1223 on just basic school supplies alone. Add in registration fees, extracurricular costs and lunch money, and the p...

Beneath the surface

Jordan Christensen '22 is congratulated by his teammates after breaking the 100-yard breaststroke school record in a time of 58.97 seconds during a dual swim meet against Linn-Mar on Dec. 17.

Joe Goodman, Sports Editor

December 27, 2019

Imagine if all five players on the basketball team were shooting at a different basket, or a soccer match with 11 different goals. Unlike cooperative team sports like volleyball or football, swimming uses a collection of individuals, each competing independently, to accomplish a common goal. Each swimmer ra...

Mixing it up

Amar Idris '20 is an ardent DJ, who enjoys mixing together music and making others dance. He has traveled across the states to DJ at multiple different parties and events, and he continues to do so even after moving to Iowa.

Fareeha Ahmad, Reporter

December 27, 2019

Turntables, headphones and deafening music all accompany the talented individuals and job descriptions of disk jockeys, commonly referred to as DJs. While most DJs may learn and perfect their style and technique before their first time performing, this wasn’t the case for Amar Idris ’20. After a s...

Looking back: Females fight sports bias

In this series, WSS interns explore WSS archives to see how West has changed through the years.

Amelia Stevens, WSS Intern

December 26, 2019

Females fight sports bias by WSS Editorial Board 1971 Published in the September 17, 1971 edition of West Side Story   During the course of high school, certain extra-curricular activities are set up so that the student may pursue any object of interest which may not be available during school hou...

Inspiring the next generation

Math teacher Karen Meyer looks toward a student coming up the stairs, greeting him as he passes.

Luke Krchak, Reporter and Columnist

December 26, 2019

Inspiration is all it takes to turn a nobody into a somebody. For math teacher Karen Meyer, that inspiration came from her first-year math professor in college. "In high school, none of my teachers really inspired me to be someone," Meyer said. As a high school student at Cedar Rapids Washington  back i...

Clearing things up

Clearing things up

Caroline Chandler, Assistant Sports Editor

December 26, 2019

Sunscreen The heat of the sun glares down, signaling that it's just about time to reapply that sunscreen. A couple months later and the warmth of the sun will be swapped out for the frosty, chilly winter. Just because the humidity of summer is no longer here doesn’t mean using sunscreen should fad...

The winter blues

Karen Meyer poses by the stairwell near her classroom Monday, Dec. 16, before returning to teach her Algebra II Honors class.

Bess Frerichs, Feature Editor

December 22, 2019

The changing of the seasons from fall to winter brings about time with family, hot chocolate and snow. However, it also brings shorter days, piled up homework and stressful holidays. For many individuals, the winter does not bring happiness, but instead feelings of depression. People that experience depressi...

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